The Sailor's Wife EP

by Alex Fisher

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released April 11, 2017

EP artwork photograph by Anna Luz Fisher @weliketoexplore
Music and lyrics by Alex Fisher



all rights reserved


Alex Fisher London, UK

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Track Name: Clockwork and Coal (Intro)
You’ll say I’ve lost my mind
But these years of would-be left behind
Well they’ll just hide
In your soul
They’ll hide in your soul
I know, I know
We’ll remember these embers and coal
But this love was not heart and soul

Oh if you could turn us back
Just like clockwork
If we both could just repaint
This tattered artwork

The night you broke inside
Queen of closeted passion
I wished that I had only tried
I wish this old house weren’t ashen

Little clocks
I know, I know
Why wont they leave you alone
But you’ll open up again
Your striking skin and bone

Little cracks I saw, I saw
In the bricks of our walls
Oh the ache, the guilt, the awe
As it crumbles and falls
Track Name: She Dreams of Dolphins
Till his last drop of liquor
Till your last drop of blood
Just hold on
Hold on

When she sleeps at night
She dreams of dolphins as she drinks her tears, in black
When the time is right,
You’ll end this bruised panic attack.

Till the last swing is taken, till the last matches burn
His blood will boil every night
Though it’s the same as mine
It’s the same as yours

He can change, can’t he?
He will change, won’t he?
He’s got to change

Don’t let your fleeting hummingbird heart stop
Till your last drop of blood
Track Name: The Sailor's Wife
And if the light in the lighthouse
Is no longer in your sight
Rest assured it’s just the ocean mist
Or the blackness of the night
I’ve dreamed a thousand nights
About you coming back
It’s seemed a thousand times
A black horizon stays black

I’ve made a tiny piece of us
And she’s holding on to me
And we’re both staring out at you
But you make us both grasp each other just a little too tight

Come on sea
Well I’ve been waiting
For a song from the whales
Or a bottle packed with tales
Come on sea
Don’t let those mountains of water
drag him to the bottom
So he can see his daughter

And every time a golden grain of light
Appears upon the lilts of your salty back
And steadily fades away into the night
I hear my heart tearing, I feel my courage crack
Darling I try to stay strong
Though time seems to stand very still
And so i'll take on today and sing a song
But I’m starting to feel ill

And I hold a tiny piece of us
And she hasn’t stopped crying all through the night
So I’ve been staring at the moon
And trying to grasp that you might not return and so I pray and fight

Come on sea
I can't stop shaking
Is it cold? Have your old sails
Been torn and crushed like snails?
Can’t you see?
I can’t stop breaking, you know
Last night I swam with whales
And I tried to stay below

And if the light in the lighthouse
Comes back into your sight
Rest assured that you have been missed
But she will be alright
Yeah, she will be alright
Track Name: Black and Blue
When the seagulls gather at the dock
To wish your body a gentle flight
I’ll be sitting on that barnacled rock
Watching the tides roll into the night

I took a train into the city
I watched the sunset by the salty air
And not that it’s not pretty
But it’s not the same dear, without you there

Cause I’m drowning in these days
Just trying to find the ways
To turn this ship around
Head back to you

And your heart is black and blue
But mine seems set on you
I know I let you down
But I need you around

That whistling wind flares in through your window
Your ghost is in a constant crescendo
My friends are turning into shadows and strangers
My head is filled with a dark dread of dangers

And the earth she’s rushing things, and I’m just here plucking strings
Wishing, thinking, how things could be different
And I know I hadn’t come since the thousandth sun
But I told you to hold on, why couldn’t you have just held on

Cause I’m drowning in these days
Just trying to find the ways
To turn this ship around
Head back to you
And your heart is black and blue
But mine seems set on you
I know I let you down
I always do

And I’m breaking up these days
And finding now that I am made
Of slats of what we were
And crumbs of eyeless faith
I’m tired of cold wet seas
I'm just trying to catch a breeze
To turn this ship around
Sail back to you
Track Name: Satellite
Where are you my dear, in the deep Atlantic?
In the dark its your voice I hear
Telling me the ocean floor's gigantic

I’m going to need you, I'm going to plead you
To say goodbye to the creatures down below
To swim up through a thousand shades of black and blue
Slice through waves like knifes in the snow

You’ll set off from the sea into the sky
And light up like a firefly, burn a hole in the charcoal sky
That way I’ll make it through another night
When I’m curled up in sheets, covered by your hazy light

You always liked the feel of wind on your face
I always stare at that gray globe anyway
I think you’ll like your home at an arms length from space
I think this will start to feel like home again any day
So love, join the others stars in peppering the night
Sit, or fly, be at ease
But stay as high as you can fly
You gotta keep this weight light
You've got to never leave my sight

You’re gonna be my satellite
Oh I’ll find you squinting at me far across the sky
You’re gonna stay here til the burning light
Of the sun that sets across a sea I nearly cried
And we’re gonna make it through another night
When we’re curled up in our beds, and life she’s got us tired
Yeah you will be my satellite
My only night light, always my satellite
Yeah you will be my satellite
Always my satellite (I'm going to need you)
Always my satellite (I'm going to need you)
Please be my satellite